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Polymer Clay Faux Rusted Metal Tutorial

I know I’ve been searching the web for a free rusted metal tutorial and I hardly found something. So in the end I learned by trial and error, taking a bit from here and there until I came up with something satisfactory enough.

Of course there is still a lot of potential for playing with it, but this is it mostly, if you want a piece of rusted metal in your creation.

Copper Polymer Clay

1. I started with a piece of copper polymer clay mixed with a bit of black. (in the pics it’s brighter than in reality because of the over exposure). You can also use brown, silver or black base depending on what kind of metal you want to imitate.

2. In my case I wanted a simple pair of rectangular earrings and a matching pendant, so I rolled it at the thickest setting on the pasta machine and cut it in the desired shape. You cut it in any shape you want for your creation.

Separately , roll another piece of the same color at the thinnest setting, like in the picture, and rip it in pieces with your fingers. Don’t cut it because we want that jagged edge.

Rusted Metal Tutorial

3. Apply some ripped pieces over the base clay, creating the first layers of rust. Then, on top of it add smaller pieces for another layer, and trim it carefully on the sides.

Polymer Clay Tutorial

4. Now it’s time to add texture to our piece of metal. For that I use sanding paper and a tool I found at my craft store, but you can use a metal brush or maybe a tooth brush if it’s stiff enough. This is how the piece should more or less look.

Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial


5. The last part is adding colors to our piece of rusted metal, and I discovered that this part is decisive in the final look of the piece. For coloring I use pastel charcoals, eye shadows 🙂 and Fimo metallic powders, but I think you can improvise and use whatever powders you have at hand.


First, I start with black and try to accentuate the layers of rust I added before. As a general rule in the deeper planes use darker colors while in the upper layers use lighter colors.

Shadding polymer clay

It starts to take shape already, isn’t it?

Then I use some reddish-brown charcoal, a bit of orange charcoal and green-yellow eye shadow for its glimmer. If you notice, the more I go up on the layers, the less color I add, only bits here and there.

Brown and Yellow

In the end I touched the edges with a tiny bit of gold powder, just to remember that it’s a jewelry after all 🙂 , and this is the final result, pendant and earrings, ready to be baked.

Faux Rusted Metal Polymer Clay

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can’t wait to see what gorgeous jewelry you made using it.


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